"Engine Manufacturer - On our Crankshaft grinder, the Harvard filtration system out performed all of the other competitors that we tried. We tried multiple different filters and the cost of our normal filter was about 420 dollars, we have had a cost reduction of 15K in just filters alone, and we have seen a drop from 16/15/10 to 15/14/10 in just 24 days."

"Hitachi ZX850 - I put a small 2 gpm Harvard system on my tractor, and got a 93.8 % reduction in overall particles on the iso test."

"Test of Ball Mill Lubrication - After only 2 months in use, our oil was an iso 24/21/15, after adding the Harvard system, only 540 hours later we experienced a 90% drop in particles and had much cleaner oil. The iso dropped to a 19/17/13. Making the choice to go with the Harvard system has saved me over 4,000 dollars a year on one mill alone."

"Building Materials Plant - Large plant in 2005 was replacing about 1200 bearings a year, we went with the Harvard filtration system to clean our oil and the same plant in 2011 only had to replace 140 bearings. It reduced our unplanned down time by 88 percent over 7 years. The ROI was less than 3 months."

"Gearbox Cleanup - At our power plant, Coal Pulverizer, we compared the Harvard system versus a competitor, the Harvard system far out performed the competitorís system. After just 2 weeks the oil looked significantly cleaner than the competitor results, the particle count dropped from well over 1 million particles/ml at the 4-micron range to about 10,000 particles at the same range, versus the competitorís system only dropped it to 100,000 particles at 4 microns."

"Cat 3516 Engine & Pump - Before the Harvard filter was added the iso code was 23/22/19 and after just 1500 hours it dropped to 19/18/16. While I thought this was great, I wanted to see what my Cat mechanic had to say about it. At this point the mechanic told me that I needed to have the engine overhauled, because I had already had 42,500 hours on the engine, and that exceeded the 30,000 normal engine overhaul time. The Cat mechanic was amazed at how the clearances had barely been worn out at all, in fact they were still meeting the brand-new engine specs used by Caterpillar. This was remarkable. I love my Harvard filtration system."

"Gearbox - On our gear boxes, ďthe oil has lasted 9 times longer, and the 3+ longer pinion gear life in a dusty mining application."

"Process Pumps - The Harvard filtration system has significantly reduced down time at our plant, it has also increased bearing life by 5-6 times, just by doing a 20-minute oil service interval on each pump 3-4 times a year."

"Hydraulic oil Customer Feedback - My oil is cleaner, it has eliminated sticking valves, which in turn has also eliminated hose bursting, it increased my oil service life by 5-8 times, and it has added significant operational uptime causing more production output."

"Plant Hydraulic Tank Inspections - My tank went from having a dirty film over the inside whenever we would change the oil to a brand-new looking tank after installing the Harvard filtration system."

"Loader Hydraulics - On my hydraulic oil in my Cat loader, I went from an ISO 18/13/11 to an ISO 14/8/>7. That is a huge cleanliness standard jump, and has saved me tons on my equipment costs."