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Diesel Fuel Filtration Systems

Diesel fuel is known to be one of the cleanest fuels available. However, it also can pick up contaminants as it travels through pipelines, terminals, underground storage tanks and dispensing equipment. Without the proper steps to keeping diesel fuel clean, it can cause damage to fuel system components and increase the amount of unnecessary downtime.

Diesel Fuel Contaminants

The most common fuel contaminant is water. If diesel fuel is infiltrated by water, its lubricating qualities can be reduced and additional damage can be caused – especially in higher pressure. Harvard Corporation’s diesel fuel filtration systems are designed to stand the test of time despite the intensity of pressure and keep unwanted, large and small contaminants out for good. They effectively filter out water, dirt and bacteria – keeping diesel fuel clean within a dirty tank and/or in a standby tank while avoiding potential contamination issues in the future.

Shop Diesel Fuel Systems at Harvard Corporation

Our diesel filtration options cater to housing capacities of 10 gpm - 40 gmp with common flow rates. Select your desired diesel fuel filter housing model below to inquire on our diesel filtration system today.

Model Name



Dimensions: 12"H x 6.87"W x 8"D
Flow rate: 0.7 GPM
Housing capacity: 10 gpm


Dimensions: 16"H x 38"W x 50"D
Flow rate: 0.7 GPM
Housing capacity: 20 gpm


Dimensions: 21"H x 6.87"W x 8"D
Flow rate: 0.7 GPM
Housing capacity: 30 gpm


Dimensions: 14.25"H x 10.62"W x 10.75"D
Flow rate: 1.25 GPM
Housing capacity: 40 gpm


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