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Harvard Clean Oil Challenge

Take the FREE Clean Oil Challenge Now!

Sign up today for the FREE Clean Oil Challenge, and find out how clean turbine or gearbox oil can slash your maintenance costs by 30 - 40% and extend your equipment's lifespan.

Only 10 entries will be accepted

You'll be challenging our filtration system to clean the oil particulates responsible for 70-80% of lubricant failures in your utility's turbines or gearboxes. It's free for your utility, but you have to move quickly. The Challenge is only open to the first 10 utilities that sign up!

4 Reasons Why You Should Take the Challenge

  1. You'll find a new way to save money without lifting a finger.
    Our staff will come to your utility to install the filtration system on your machine. (Pick your greatest challenge!)

  2. You'll be able to see if the system meets your specific Return On Investment goals.
    We'll work with you to set filtration goals that meet your utility's bottom-line objectives.

  3. You'll have a solution backed by independent results.
    At the end of the test period, we'll use independent test results to show you exactly how the filtration system pays for itself.

  4. You have nothing to lose - and plenty to gain!

For more information and the sign up, please visit the challenge website!