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Oil, Gas, Power & Industrial Plants

The primary challenge in Oil/Gas/Power/industrial plants is downtime. The cost of downtime can be up to $2,500+ per hour. A Harvard Filtration System can reduce downtime by making the equipment last longer, increasing time between service intervals, and the equipment can keep running during routine filter changes.

Downtime in a plant environment is very costly. Up time demands equipment must run continuously, requiring fluids stay clean. Harvard has demonstrated that fluid can be cleaned while machinery is operating to very clean levels allowing bearings and gears to last to their design life. Turbine oils can be kept free of moisture and varnish, allowing clean and cool oil lubricant. Harvard has had a long track record of maintaining clean oils in industrial plants, natural gas engines, oil refineries and offshore production platforms. If you are responsible for keeping equipment operating, let us help make your job easier.

Industrial Power Plant Case Study

Learn more about how Harvard helped a “peaking station” at a large power plant solve it's problems with varnish caused by moisture contamination.

Power Plant Turbine

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Compressor Plant Case Study

A compressor plant in the gas line of a major oil and gas provider responsible for the flow of energy from the processing plant to the consumer had a major problem with its turbines and turned to Harvard® for help.

Filter Cart

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