Dripping Oil Background

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Harvard filtration systems are used at all levels of government: federal, state, local and military. One of the primary objectives of government applications is to reduce the energy "footprint". Harvard's filters support this effort by reducing the amount of lubricants that are purchased and disposed of, making hard-earned tax dollars go further.

Federal, State, and local governments can benefit from lower oil usage and reduced component wear. Harvard is able to work with government agencies to reduce non-renewable petroleum and carbon footprints by maintaining fluids in better condition and reducing the overall usage. This helps reduce budget demands and green goals that may need to be met. Harvard has met stringent governmental cleanliness standards for fluids in new equipment delivered to military branches. Working together, Harvard can reduce costs and deliver on carbon reduction goals in many types of applications from engines, transmissions, turbines, hydraulics, gearboxes, special fluids, jet and diesel fuels.

Other industries our filtration products and services serve