Dripping Oil Background

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Aggregate and concrete are great examples of industries where invasive dust and other very fine particles are prevalent and are extremely harmful to engine, tool and machine performance.

Harvard systems can be used on engines to extend the service life of the oil, and reduce wear to the engine for 2 to 3 times longer time between overhauls. Better filtration in automatic transmissions has been demonstrated to keep the oil clean while reducing wear to the torque convertor and clutch packs. For hydraulic systems the oil is able to be kept cleaner than new, greatly reducing failures of components.

This has been demonstrated with great success in hydraulics of concrete pumping units, including water removal. The use of Harvard contamination control has reduced the wear to cone crushers and gearboxes, reducing downtime and saving labor. Filtering of diesel fuels greatly reduces downtime of equipment while eliminating injector and pump failures. Harvard products have been used for decades in limestone quarries due to high abrasive dust applications.

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Aggregate and Concrete Case Study

Learn more about how Harvard helped a leading cement manufacturing company that operates more than 150 pieces of equipment and services a large geographic region turned to Harvard® filtration systems for help in cutting costs.

Cement Trucks

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