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Our Line of Stationary Filtration Systems Feature

Harvard Corporation's stationary filtration systems are dedicated to a specific piece of machinery. They're designed to remove water and contaminants to a single micron to increase the service life of the oil and components. Hydraulic oil filter systems increase fluid life and decrease hazardous waste disposal - saving both time and money. Our stationary oil filtration systems are used for most synthetic and petroleum-based fluids and are available for use with three phase power.

Using an innovative flow-through filtration system, our oil filtration process involves routing the oil-flow from both the bottom and top of the filter element, through the media to the collector, to the center tube and out of the canister. A slight-funnel shaped deformation, caused by the oil's loss of pressure while the exterior of the element remains constant, allows larger particles to be caught at the top and smaller particles retained in the lower area. A rugged oil filtration process like ours allows the filter to hold larger quantities of contaminants that surface media filters simply cannot hold.


  • Most hydraulic systems
  • Gear boxes
  • Coolants
  • Quench oils
  • Fire resistant hydraulic fluids
  • Control systems
  • Other unique applications


  • Single-housing
  • Multiple-housing


  • Bag filter
  • Coalescer
  • Magnetic separation systems
  • Particle counters


  • 1–15 GPM

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