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Blog Introduction

January 2, 2018

I have often wondered how the transition from the retiring person to the new guy is handled. The soon-to-retire has his eye on leaving, and hopes to put his replacement into place quickly. The new guy feels the need to learn at a fast pace; yet, does not know where the pitfalls may be.

The experience of the baby boomers is leaving with them and, because millennials look at work differently, they run the risk of losing all that experience.

In a unique effort to address some of issues that can occur we decided to start-up a fictional company with situations, and personalities based on real life experiences. We will put the new millennial into the pressure cooker and give him the opportunity to show his growth and lessons learned. From time to time the boomer will make an appearance to give his advice and earn his consulting pay.  

We want to provide a different avenue toward learning and sharing - ideas, thoughts, and communicate concepts – all things useful to your efforts to move forward in an efficient manner. 

Your feedback and questions are welcome, and may be a topic that our young millennial will need to grapple with.

Otto Knottnerus BSME, MBA

President, Harvard Corporation